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A C-PASS™ is a medical health certificate generated via a QR code in your TENTO WALLET™. Once authenticated, the QR code shows your recent medical test status 

TENTO WALLET™ isn’t about immunity. It is simply a digital place where a person can keep their COVID-19 test result or any other health information.

Step 1: Employees / customers download the TENTO WALLET™, secure digital health wallet app, in the iOS or Android store and set up a secure password to gain access to their digital wallet. This wallet built on decentralized technology which verifies health credentials, fully compliant with global data and privacy standards. Businesses utilise the TENTO AUTHENTICATOR™ to verify health credentials presented by individuals / employees through the TENTO WALLET™, empowering the organisations to make informed decisions. The TENTO AUTHENTICATOR™ readers are placed at strategic points on your business premise.

Step 2: Employees /customers add their test results to their wallets. Results may be obtained from dedicated TENTO HEALTH™ testing sites (TENTO DIAGNOSTICS™) or from other approved testing facilities.

Step 3: When employees / customers are required to share their COVID-19 test status, or any other health information, they open up their wallets and present a secure hash code that can be scanned from 2 metres afar in order to validate and view their information. Employees are the owner of their data, so every time they share their information, it disappears, and another code is requested once finished. We take data very seriously, this is why every user is the owner of their health data, nobody else can access it unless they have been granted permission by the owner.

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The only moment someone will see your test result is the registered medical professional who carried out the test. This could be a lab, or your local doctor. Once your tests is carried out and you have your certificate, you can store it securely in your wallet, where nobody can access it unless you grant them permission. 

If you get tested by a COVI-PASS™ integrated solution, your results are pushed directly to your device using your unique hash code, in the same way a typical Bitcoin transaction takes place, the only difference is this is your test certificate.

TENTO WALLET™ is built using decentralised blockchain technology, cryptographic encryption and double authorisation to assure User Data Protection. TENTO HEALTH™ protects privacy rights and all solutions are GDPR Compliant, they are also aligned with the new privacy shield laws.

COVI-PASS™ is different to track and trace solutions and that is not its purpose. The purpose of COVI-PASS™ is to have a place to keep your validated Covid-19 test result.  For example, your airline might ask you to show that you have had a test before flying. Showing it on your digital app is one way to share that information. You can travel knowing that your medical information is on hand in case of an emergency.

Having a COVID-19 test might be required if you are in a certain profession such as social care or retail for example. It might also be required at certain touch points in life, such as going on holiday. If you do require a test, you’ll need a way to show the result. COVI-PASS™ is one way to do this. The result can also be shown on paper, although it’s probably safer to store it digitally.

We are supported by a global leadership group of virologists and immunologists who help us guide our customers who want to carry out COVID-19 testing. We value privacy and data protection, so we are not obligated to share names, however should you want to speak with one of our expert advisors, we would be happy to facilitate that.

TENTO HEALTH™ Solutions are currently available for download on the iOS and Android stores.

Look for TENTO WALLET™ for consumer use and TENTO AUTHENTICATOR™ for business users.


Whilst COVI-PASS™ offers testing solutions, we do not carry out testing. COVID-19 tests are carried out by healthcare professionals using our tests or their own. Once the test is carried out you can upload your results to your secure digital health wallet.

Circle Pass Enterprises Ltd, the company who created COVI-PASS™, provides its own medical certificate to validate your COVID-19 status. Any third-party medical certificate that has been authorised by a health entity can also be uploaded to your wallet.

Your digital health wallet can also hold other important medical information that you need to keep at hand and secure.

We are all waiting for the day that a vaccine can be found for this disease. Until then, COVI-PASS™ can be used to carry the COVID-19 test result. As this is a digital health pass it could also be used to show other tests and vaccinations. Some people have a booklet that has a record of their vaccinations. This is the same, but in digital format.

You are not required to do this unless mandated by the regulators in your country. At the same time, if you need to test your staff or visitors on a regular basis and have a location, you may choose to install the COVID Point of Care Analysers as corporate policy for testing employees / customers.

With our solution TENTO DIAGNOSTICS™ we are able to provide you on-premise test analyser and Gold Standard test kits materials. Our solutions enable test 90 people at a time with 1 device and have the result done in 15-30 minutes.

Either you may order Molecular LAMP tests, which are a similar process to RT-PCR, with accuracy 100%, and may be run on standard PCR analyzer at your medical professional or rapid antigen and antibody tests, which are not required analyzer machine, and the result is visible (the example of such tests are pregnancy tests).

With TENTO HEALTH™ your staff and customers can get tested quickly and get results pushed directly to their TENTO WALLET™.

We provide accurate tests and a secure health wallet for you to keep your data safe. If you have any worries about COVID-19 and coming into contact with the virus, we advise you to contact your doctor and follow the necessary steps for your country.

COVI-PASS™ is a digital health wallet. It is secure technology that enables you to carry your test result digitally, should you want to. It will be governments and organisations who decide if and how they want to implement COVID-19 tests. COVI-PASS™ gives people a choice in that they can present their test result in a digital way should they want to.

Yes, Testing Kits are available for purchase. To place and order of for more information, please get in touch.

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