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COVI-PASS™ is arguably the world’s most secure digital health wallet, built to verify and authenticate health credentials. COVI-PASS™ is compliant with global data and privacy standards. COVI-PASS™ gives everybody the ability and peace of mind to return to work, travel and normal life.

COVI-PASS™️ is an International Digital Health Identification Wallet, with self sovereign identity. This means the individual has complete control over how their personal information is kept and used.

COVI-PASS™️ Gives the world the confidence to move forward.

COVI-PASS™️ is built using decentralised technology with privacy embedded-using blockchain technology, military encryption codes and double authorisation to assure User Data Protection.

COVI-PASS™ protects privacy rights, and is GDPR Compliant.

COVI-PASS™️ offers-its own medical certificate to validate your COVID status if you require it. It is also fully compatible with third-party medical certificates-issued by Authorised Health Entities.

Authorised Health Certificates can be uploaded securely to your COVI-PASS™️ wallet and shared when required.

Return to normal life and travel with peace of mind, knowing that your medical credentials are on hand, accessed only by the wallet holder's permission.

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